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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Announcing Limited Edition Keto Clarity Commemorative Teaspoons!

Links to scientific background and calculations below.   Oh ... and more teaspoons :-)

Some Questions ...

1.  It is known that the adult human brain consumes roughly 23% of total daily caloric expenditure for the "average person".  Glucose utilization by the brain has been determined to be at least 100 g/day, the most common figure I've seen is 125-130 g/day, and I've seen up to 150 g/day.  In light of this (and absent rare brain GLUT transporter deficiency disease), wouldn't EVERY human have a "carbohydrate tolerance" of at least 100 g/day?  

2.  Low carb advocates like to focus on the fact that there are approximately 1 to 2 teaspoons or somewhere between 4 to 10 grams of sugar (glucose) dissolved in circulation at any given time.  However normal individuals "clear" several times that amount in fairly short order (a standard OGTT is 100 grams of glucose).  The "insulin resistance" paradigm implicates a backlog of glucose in the blood stream due to cells with filled up glycogen stores.  This sounds like common sense.  Why, then, does someone who has restricted carbohydrate for even a day not perform better on an OGTT?  

3.  If high blood sugars impact ketogenesis, why then do untreated Type 1's go into ketoacidosis along with raging hyperglycemia?

Go ... :-)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Keto Clarity ~ A Review of the Chaos and Confusion in Memes

Those who follow me on social media know that I broke down and purchased a copy of Keto Clarity.   I'm deciding on whether to bother with a formal review of the book or Jimmy Moore's contribution.  With respect to Jimmy Moore, this is a second volume of convincing himself and the world that his crazy diet schemes are healthy rather than unhealthy, as if repeating it often enough will make it so.  

But for the rest of the world, it is more Dr. Eric Westman's stamp of approval and co-authorship that is problematic for his credibility.  In Cholesterol Clarity, he signed off on a book where Jimmy's horrific lipid panel including, at times, LDL-P over 3000, LDL-C over 300, TC over 400.   In Keto Clarity, the fact that Jimmy Moore's biomarkers did NOT improve, despite a temporary weight loss of almost 80 lbs, is magically presented as a healthy dietary lifestyle.  

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Shame on Dr. Eric Westman

Dr. Westman is the director of the Lifestyle Medical Clinic at Duke University Medical Center. He is the President of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians.  He is co-author of The New Atkins for a New You.  He has published clinical research mostly treating diabetics on an Atkins Induction-style low carb diet.  He knows obesity.  He knows many obese people.  He has treated some to great success.  No doubt he has observed countless others that are not as successful.  He has been on Jimmy Moore's low carb cruises, and most recently he has lent his name and reputation to highly questionable health claims and advice made by his former patient and friend in their books Cholesterol Clarity and Keto Clarity.  

One thing that I hope we can ALL agree on is that crazy crash diets are not a long term solution to the problem.  In Keto Clarity Westman criticizes marketing schemes and diet book gimmicks (from pgs 115 and 177)

Friday, August 8, 2014

All Roads Lead Through Krebs ~ True Keto Clarity & The Truth About Fat Burning Beasts

As Jimmy Moore embarks on his whirlwind Keto Clarity tour, I've decided at this point to take a pass at reading/reviewing the book.

I do, however, think it's time to inject some biochemical facts into this discussion to combat the misinformation train wreck that is Mr. Moore.  Specifically: 
  • Excess protein is turned into glucose
  • Ketones are magic molecules
In his podcast interviewer with Primal Man of Science Mark Sisson, Jimmy repeated what is clearly becoming a mantra of his, is part of his now "canned" speech on nutritional ketosis, and apparently is discussed in the book.  After mentioning that "long word" -- gluconeogenesis -- Jimmy launches into his discussion of where people who are low carbing go wrong over the long term:  they are eating too much protein.  This sabotages ketogenesis, spikes blood glucose, and stalls weight loss according to Jimmy.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

An Open Letter to Sean Croxton (and Jimmy Moore, and anyone else buying his stories)

image link
Jimmy & Sean in April 2013
Last week, Jimmy Moore paid a visit to the Underground Wellness radio show/podcast hosted by Sean Croxton.

Jimmy Moore has a new book out, set to be released today.  Keto Clarity it is called, and in addition to the various therapeutic uses, sure to be over-hyped, this book will include the story of Jimmy's personal triumph over regaining roughly half of his LC weight loss despite remaining true to livin la vida low carb.

Friday, August 1, 2014

LC Blogger Answers the Question: Are Alcohol and Carbs Fattening? Part I

I have to give credit where credit is due. In his zeal to dismiss the role of calories in weight (fat) gain or loss, Ian Lane makes a pretty good case for why alcohol is not likely to be the carbon source for accumulated fat.  In doing so, however, he accidentally all but exonerates the lowly carbohydrate.  I don't think he meant to do that ...  The particular post in question was the subject of a couple of blog posts recently, see here and here.   It would appear that it has now been officially (in the title line) "revised" to eliminate all of the overt scientific inaccuracies, and focuses on ethanol, which makes it easier to direct readers of this post to just the part in question!  Ian writes:
The molecule I'd like to highlight, which, from my perspective, cannot realistically be stored as body fat, is ethyl alcohol, or ethanol. (That’s not to say that ethanol can’t possibly aid in fat accumulation somehow — see below — rather, the calories in ethanol, themselves, are not likely serving to create new fat.)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Is Glucose Toxic to Cells? Answers from the LIRKO Mouse and More ...

I briefly interrupt Thermodenialgate reports to revisit the LIRKO mouse.  But first, a little fun blast from the past.   A few years ago now I did a series on fat tissue regulation that involved various receptor and gene knockout mice.  I had a little fun making (low graphics tech) characters out of Star Wars Lego figures.  

First came C3KO, a mouse deficient in acylation stimulating protein, ASP, production.  Shortly thereafter came Obi No Leptinobi.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

More response to my Gallon of Gas analogy to Calories Post ~ David Pendergrass PhD.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a comment on my recent post -- More on Calories: A Gallon of Gas is NOT A Gallon of Gas? ... And Other Silly Thermodenyic Arguments -- from David Pendergrass, PhD.  Pendergrass has been a speaker at AHS, and last year his talk was:
The Physiology and Biochemistry of the Paleolithic Diet for Weight Reduction:  The physiology and biochemistry interactions of an individual using Paleolithic nutrition will be compared to an individual on the USDA recommended diet to demonstrate why Paleolithic Nutrition results in a success weight loss.
Bio: Director of Applied Science at the University of Kansas. He conducts a yearly seminar on appetite regulation. He is the author of the Smartest Loser program. He founded the Paleo Nutrition Foundation and a Paleo Nutrition Certification program online. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thermodenialgate ~ Response to my last post

The name of Adam Kosloff's website -- Caloriegate -- implies some criminal conspiracy to, I guess, spread a lie about calories.  If he had his way, anyone who speaks the plain truth about the biochemistry that goes on in our human bodies would just STFU already (his words) and count "something else".  Kosloff is a true leech in the IHC.  The guy studied geology at Yale and if his writings are any indication, knows pretty much nothing about human physiology or biochemistry.  He's a ghost-writer, which is an honest profession, but in his own words:
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